Now we are talking love at first plunk. If the burgundy color with matching bench resonates with the colors in your space, you might as well say “I DO!”.

During the ’80s, Yamaha became inspired by the concert halls opening up all over Japan. Yamaha wanted to create a concert grand piano for the new generation. The C.F. was a success, so Yamaha’s craftsmen began developing a series of prototypes. After much crafting and evaluation, Yamaha introduced the CFIII in 1983. Of course, the piano was an instant success.

Yamaha Piano Today

In 1991, Yamaha reached a manufacturing milestone of five million pianos.

Today, Yamaha continues to develop and create a refined sound, exclusive to the Yamaha brand. The model CFX, introduced in 2010, was the selected piano of the International Chopin Competition winner, Yulianna Avdeeva, and is selected consistently in other international competitions. In 2022 Yamaha enhanced the CFX once again to wide acclaim by artists from all genres. The Yamaha Corporation is now the largest musical instrument producer in the world with one in four musical instruments produced globally being a Yamaha brand. The company is roughly 4X it’s closest competitor and spends more in research and development annually than many other brands total revenue. There are many production facilities around the globe, even outside of Japan. Yamaha is known as one of the finest piano makers of world-class. Yamaha continues to deliver excellence and quality in its pianos, while it continues to explore further refinements. 


For the past 100+ years, Yamaha has delivered excellence in its instruments; and there’s no sign of them stopping. Yamaha is the only company to offer a complete line of piano products, from purely acoustic to purely digital pianos and other keyboard products, including instruments that are hybrids of each technology. All Yamaha Pianos come with that unique uncompromised Yamaha tone and quality.

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