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Refurbished ~ Tuned & Delivered ~ for a SONG

Welcome to Pianos for Humanity - Used spinet & console pianos - tuned & delivered

We rescue unwanted quality pianos helping many motivated sellers and we place them in new homes where they will be cherished once again. Our spinets and console pianos are only the best we can find in the general area.
Most are furniture quality but others would go better in a rumpus room.

The pianos we have available are in excellent condition regarding their mechanics and playability. Each piano has had our personal attention to ensure proper regulation and operation of every key. All are guaranteed FUN to PLAY!

Why buy our pianos? Each piano has been thoroughly cleaned both inside and out. We won't be bringing you a box full of many years of someone else's dust. The cabinetry has been detailed and cleaned from old finger grime and maybe nicotine. The keys have been cleaned and disinfected. There are No chipped key-caps (ordinarily), no retriggering keys and no stuck keys, because it'll be properly regulated. The piano will be tuned to concert pitch, and should keep its' tune for a while depending on the individual piano. We will come back and give it a tweak tune at some point, for the cost of a tip.

Browse the inventory and give us a call if you are in the Boulder/Denver Metro area.

First floor deliveries only.

Piano prices include delivery - tuning, and setup - Ready to Play!

Our Services
Piano Rescue and Delivery

We seek out good unwanted pianos.  Our goal is to have some quality inventory ready to play for anxious players.  Get in touch with us, we deliver in the Boulder/Denver metro area.

Piano Repair and Tuneup

We delve into each piano and solve problems such as sticky keys, sluggish keys, or broken mechanisms.  Then we give it a good cleaning and tuning.  Now they are ready to play.

Piano Entertainment

We are experts in pianos in every way.  Once we deliver your piano, we will then demonstrate it with different genres of tunes so that your ears can be the final judge.

Quality Pianos Cheap ~ Tuned and Delivered
Paul A Schmitt Console ♫ $495

How's this for a cosmetically great dark walnut console with a style of its own.  It has a matching bench… View the Piano

Knabe Console
Knabe Modern-day Console ♫ $950

This is the most elegant piano we currently have in stock. It's a fabulous piano in every way and built… View the Piano

Young Chang Console
Young Chang Console ♫ $775

Here's a wonderful modern-day piano by a very popular manufacturer.  The piano is cosmetically terrific and the sound and playability… View the Piano

Wurlitzer spinet
Wurlitzer Spinet ♪ $350

This lil' piano is cosmetically pretty good with matching bench. Great spinet, go for it. The famous Rudolph Wurlitzer Company… View the Piano

Whitney Spinet
Kimball Whitney Spinet ♪ $350

This cute spinet is actually in good cosmetic shape.  The bench shows signs or wear and tear but otherwise, if… View the Piano

Kurtzmann Babygrand
Kurtzmann Babygrand ♫•♪ $2000

Here's a great deal on a beautiful antique babygrand with near perfect ivory keys.  It's been thoroughly dusted and adjusted. … View the Piano

Cable Upright Grand
Cable Upright Grand 𝅘𝅥𝅰 $800

As the Piano Man of Colorado, I've flipped many pianos and didn't know anything about Cable pianos until I've acquired… View the Piano

Thomas Piano Organ Spinet Combo
Thomas Spinet Piano~Organ Combo 𝅘𝅥𝅮 $750

Fully functional dual keyboard piano organ combo.  Cosmetically amazing for an antique piano.  You can see by my quick demo… View the Piano

Story & Clark Piano Organ Combo
Story & Clark Console Piano~Organ Combo 𝅘𝅥𝅮 $750

Completely Working! Very Unique! Very RARE! Very Good looking cosmetically! Very fun to play.  You will not find a working… View the Piano

Piano Expert
Danielle Athena

Danielle is the Co-founder and Director of Marketing. She is a singer with a background in theater. Danielle provides the creative direction for the business. With her vast knowledge of people she knows what is appealing and how to seek out whatever comes next.  She is the inceptor and face of the business.

Rockinjay “The Piano Man”

RockinJay is the Piano Man of Boulder Colorado. He takes care of all the pianos. Jay is a retired Electrical Engineer, with many years of technical experience behind him.

Jay can entertain for your party as well as tune & repair the pianos in preparation for new homes. He will ensure the piano you get is exactly what you were hoping for.