Weber pianos are some of our favorites. This one is cosmetically excellent with matching bench that is ready to match the style of your living room.

There were very few manufacturers that could compete with the quality and success of the Weber Piano Company of New York (not to be confused with The Weber Piano Company of Ontario, Canada).  Founded by Albert Weber in 1852, the firm built a full line of highest quality pianos for well over a century. Weber was known for building expensive pianos, and they were marketed to the wealthy elite of the era.  In the 19th Century, Weber specialized in manufacturing top quality square grand pianos, grand pianos and upright pianos.
By the Turn-Of-The-Century, Weber was building some of the most expensive and elaborate pianos available in the industry.  In 1903, Weber became part of The Aeolian Piano Company.  Aeolian – Weber introduced a line of player pianos under the “Pianola” brand name which took the market by storm.  Under Aeolian’s ownership, The Weber Piano Company produced some of the finest and most advanced player pianos and reproducing player pianos ever built.  The early 20th Century was hugely successful for Weber and their pianos were celebrated as one of the industry’s finest instruments.
Weber Console Piano Weber Console Weber Console Piano Weber Console Piano