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Beethoven Upright Grand 𝅘𝅥𝅯 $700

Is this not the most grandiose of upright grand pianos? Beautiful to play and tonefull as can be. You’d love it if it’s your style. “Beethoven” was a brand name […]

Needham Upright Grand ♪ $600

This piano was prepared to be a player but never had the player installed at the factory.  Player pianos were the cream of the crop pianos made to have the […]

Kimball Upright Grand ♫ $650

This beautiful Tigerwood Grand piano is something to behold. Wonderful to play, nice and tonefull, this piano just may be what you’re looking for. Perhaps the most famous and most […]

Yamaha Large Console ♯ $1200

Now we are talking love at first plunk. If the burgundy color with matching bench resonates with the colors in your space, you might as well say “I DO!”. During […]

Weber Console Piano ♪ $1200

Weber pianos are some of our favorites. This one is cosmetically excellent with matching bench that is ready to match the style of your living room. There were very few […]

Bergmann Console ♮ $1100

Sweet sounding and good playing are these modern day Chinese pianos. Together with the matching bench it could be the perfect color match for your setting as well. The Bergmann, […]

Petit Weber Babygrand ♫ $1100

Here’s a lil’ beauty that’s 4’10” long, meaning it JUST fits in that area you were thinkin’ about. Take it while it’s HOT, or it’s gone before you know it. […]

Petit White Babygrand ♪ $999

This is priced as a starter piano. It’s fun to play and has a new paint job. It’s the perfect size for a small space. It’s 4 feet 8 inches […]

Yamaha Studio Player Piano 🎶 $3999

How cool is this piano! Not only can you Play or Record to Disk, BUT it can be controlled from the Bluetooth ~ iPhone or Droid. Disklavier /ˈdɪskləvɪər/ is a brand of reproducing […]

Chickering Babygrand

Chickering Antique Babygrand 𝅘𝅥𝅯 $1900

Here’s a smooth sounding and nice playing piano that any pro would enjoy. Imagine how much You’ll love it. It’s cosmetically groovy for an antique with original Ivory keys. Chickering […]