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Yamaha Studio Piano

Yamaha Studio Piano ♫ $1100

Fantastic modern-day piano with nice tight action, perfect keys, and cosmetically very good. This piano is a cut above the rest. Yamaha is one of the constituents of Nikkei 225 and is the […]

Wurlitzer Spinet

Wurlitzer Spinet ♪ $325

Nice little rescued piano from Naropa Campus.  It’s in great shape, has roll-around wheels and has cosmetically held up just fine. The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, usually referred to as simply Wurlitzer, is […]

Hobart M Cable Console

Hobart M Cable Console ♪ $449

This is a dynamite piano that’s built well and looks fabulous.  I love the sound of this piano.  If it matches your space, don’t hesitate, you’ll love it forever. We […]

Story & Clark Console

Story & Clark Console ♪ $450

Love the color of this console.  The cherry red gives it a style of its own.  Story & Clark made great pianos in Chicago and that’s why there are many […]

Baldwin Console

Baldwin Console ♪ $450

What a lovely piano is this.  Cosmetically very good and plays like a dream.  This is a very popular variety of pianos and I’m sure it would be your favorite […]

Laffargue Babygrand ♫ $1900

This is a well kept antique piano that sounds great and is fun to play. “Rockinjay” We’ll deliver it clean, shined and tuned and it will deliver years of fun […]

Weinbach BabyGrand

Weinbach Baby Grand 𝅘𝅥𝅮 $8000

Here is the most exquisite piano we’ve ever offered.  Even the Goog knows that these are among the world’s renowned pianos.  Please, only consider this piano IF your setting demands […]

Fischer Upright Grand

Fischer Upright Grand ♪ $400

Here’s a cosmetically pretty good antique Grand piano.  Standing 58 inches high the resounding vibes from this piano will fill any room.  Nice action and nearly flawless ivory keys, this […]

Columbine Console

Columbine Console ♪ $425

Very lovely and good playing piano that just may be the perfect fit for the living room.  Cosmetically very good and good sounding, and quite stylish, you’ll love it. I […]

Hampton Console

Hampton Console ♫ $450

This Story & Clark console is cosmetically very good and has nice playable keys.  The simple design easily blends in with the décor around it.  It comes with a nice […]