This piano was prepared to be a player but never had the player installed at the factory.  Player pianos were the cream of the crop pianos made to have the automatic play mechanisms inside.  If this matches your decor, it just may change your environment for the best.

In 1846, Elias Parkham Needham and Jeremiah Carhart established the Carhart & Needham Organ Company of New York. This firm built organs and melodeons and they were immensely successful.  In 1855, Samuel C. Swartz was admitted to the firm and the firm was reorganized as “Carhart, Needham & Company”.  Swartz died in 1865, and the firm reverted back to “Carhart & Needham”.
The firm continued to grow and increased their piano lines after the turn-of-the-century.  By 1910 the firm offered a dozen different styles of upright pianos, player pianos, and baby grand pianos.  The Needham Piano & Organ Company enjoyed a fine reputation and their instruments were known to be made of good quality and craftsmanship.The firm was purchased by Kindler & Collins in 1912, and Kindler & Collins continued to build pianos under the “Needham” name until the Great Depression.
Needham Upright Grand Needham Upright Grand Needham Upright Grand Needham Upright Grand Needham Upright Grand