Sweet sounding and good playing are these modern day Chinese pianos. Together with the matching bench it could be the perfect color match for your setting as well.

The Bergmann, a Young Chang brand, is a Chinese-made piano manufacturing company. The company today makes the pianos that were once known as Bergmann.

It all started in 1956 when Bergmann existed in the pianos market. From the mid-1960s, Young Chang manufactured pianos from Seoul and Incheon in South Korea. In the year 1995, they built their Chinese-based factory.

Today, Bergmann is working hard to stand out among all. They are still the producing piano company, which remains among the largest manufacturers of pianos.

According to some sources, Bergmann holds an outstanding, finest upper-class reputation in the South Korean piano market.

Fit and finish Bergmann pianos are a good choice for beginners. It is simply an entry-level brand possessed by Young Chang.

Bergmann or Young Chang pianos are available in both upright and grand varieties. They attract in all categories of budget and levels of performers.

Check the dramatic story of Young Chang’s piano here. From the beginning till today.

Bergmann was founded in 1956. It has always been made in the Chinese Factory that Young Chang owns.

Bergmann focuses on the high-quality piano, which has a spruce keyboard and is balanced, giving the pianist a more responsive touch.

Over the years, the quality of the Bergmann is improving little by little in the Young Chang’s Factory, which is now nearly as good as that in Japan.

Mid-level pianos with evenness in tone throughout and solid spruce soundboard.  Bergmann pianos have a reputation for building high-quality pianos which impress everyone. They are especially made for the beginners.

If you’re looking for a good quality piano with less price label, then Bergmann pianos are for you!

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