This is the coolest piano on the market. To sit and play it is a dream. Everybody can play this from their phone with the app.

What is a QRS player?
QRS Music Technologies, Inc. isΒ an American company that makes modern player pianos. It was founded as Qβ€’Rβ€’S Music Company in 1900 to make piano rolls, the perforated rolls of paper read by player pianos to reproduce music.
Is QRS music still in business?
QRS has the largest and most famous player piano music library in the world. Many of the greatest artists of the 20th century recorded for the QRS Music Roll Company.Β We still make rolls today.
All QRS tracks are stored locally on the piano’s own Solid State Storage. The piano can be controlled iPads, phone etc…. actually any network-enabled device with access to a web browser.
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